Why DSL Will Make Your Life 10 Times Easier

DSL-INSTALLDSL-at a glance

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a form of technology that enables individual homes or businesses to have high speed internet connections. DSL works in a simple way. It simply uses the regular telephone service connections at home or businesses. For those individuals who require high-speed internet access, this form of technology is reliable. Through its digital modems, its ability to provide higher data speeds is not limited.

DSL has got major advantages over dial-up internet access and thus enabling you to have a much easier life.

Benefits of using DSL

One of the major advantages of using DSL at home or at work is that you can talk on telephone while at the same time surfing the internet. All DSL users can simultaneously use their telephone for voice calls and their computer for internet access. This is possible because the splitter sends the voice and data signals differently within the line.

This makes your life pretty much easier since you don’t have to pay for expensive upgrades to your phone system. There is no need to install another line for your telephone or for your internet access. With DSL, you can fax and talk, search the web and download large files, send and receive data on the same line and at the same time.

Secondly, DSL makes your life much easier by virtue of the speed at which you access the internet. When compared to other dial-up modems, it actually outperforms 20 times more. Although speeds vary depending on the network capability or the service plan, DSL has a 100times more network performance over dial-up modem.

Besides, DSL has a witty fitted piece of technology that makes use of the unused frequencies of your phone line. It has an internal signal splitter that separates voice signals that are low with the data signals that have higher frequencies.

Unlike ordinary copper phone lines, DSL has the ability to provide instantaneous transmission of data, video, and voice. With DSL, you don’t have to keep up with frustrations caused by delays when downloading information from the internet.

DSL reduces the burden of paying big bills during these tough economic times. Residential subscribers are able to get cost effective internet access. Also, for businesses, offices and big institutions such as schools, DSL provides fast access on corporate intranet servers.

It provides residential subscribers with a cost effective uninterrupted high speed Internet connection. For schools, businesses and branch offices, DSL provides fast access to critical information on corporate Intranet servers and the Internet.

Another significant benefit of DSL connection is that it is always on-line. There is no waiting time for dialing or connecting, nor will you be needed to dial your internet service provider whenever you want to use the internet.

Lastly but not the least, a DSL connection offers greater security over cable networks. With cable networks, your privacy is always on the risk because they are shared with other computer users but for DSL you have access to a separate network. To enhance privacy, DSL users are advised to use personal firewall products to prevent external attacks.

DSL Has It All

Working from home or from your office; you would want to do many things faster and at the same time.. As we have seen, DSL offers you greater benefits as compared to dial up modems. It is affordable, has got better privacy, and it is always on-line in your office or in your house.

Also, having uninterrupted high speed internet connection makes everyone’s life 10 times easier. That’s DSL.